Eight Website Design Tips that Actually Work to Convert Users into Customers

Eight Website Design Tips that Actually Work to Convert Users into Customers

Do you notice that people are leaving your website before they convert into your customer?  Are you having trouble driving traffic to your site?  Do you want to know how you can keep visitors on your site for longer?  Web design in Orlando can be a tricky business, as there are many elements that work behind the scenes to develop, create, and optimize your site for easy searchability.  When you struggle with your website, you may notice that your bounce rates are high, your conversion rates are low, and your visitors aren't responding to your call to action.  This means that there are a few things you likely need to do.  Here are some website design tips that can actually convert those users into lifelong customers.

Answer Their Questions

When you set out to create content for your website, you want to put yourself in the shoes of your customers.  Consider what questions they would ask about your business, and be sure to answer them.  People visit your site to obtain important information and insight about your business, so you want to gear the content towards what they would be searching for.  Anticipate frequently asked questions and organize content so your users can find what they are looking for quickly and efficiently.

Don't Overwhelm Your Visitors

When it comes to web design in Orlando, less is more.  Avoid overwhelming images, too much text, bulky paragraphs, and overstimulating visuals.  These can actually create distractions that can cause the user to leave your site before they even find the information they need.  Instead, follow a simple design with a hierarchy of visual organization.  This will provide your site visitors with a clean and polished strategy to follow along with important messages and information.  Include images that enhance, not clutter, the experience on your site.

Avoid Using Rotating Sliders

Rotating sliders and carousels are neat and appealing additions to your site, but they are actually features you should avoid.  Because they require your visitors to stay on that specific aspect of your site, they may include information that can be easily missed.  When visitors need to focus on aspects of your website for a period of time, they will likely scroll away before they get to the last messages.  This means that they are missing critical information in the process.  Instead, consider placing information in a hierarchy so that they don't miss anything when they are scrolling.

Create Headlines for Visual Effect

Headlines and bolded text are important features that not only increase the user-friendly nature of your site, but also pinpoint specific pieces of information.  Headlines and visual cues help users find exactly what they are looking for without having to click around for a long period of time.  Consider using these headlines as a guide throughout your website so that you can increase conversion rates and keep users on your site for a longer time.  This will help your SEO rankings, which will make your site show up closer to the top of search engine rankings.

Use Images with People

Be mindful of the images that you choose for your website.  There have been many studies about what types of images convert, and many of these studies hint that images with people and realistic settings work to turn users into customers.  Consider holding photo shoots with your services, customers, employees, and products to reflect the true nature of your business.  Use these images to fill your website with relevant and realistic photos that customers will love.  People will build trust when they see your products or services in action, as this can enhance your reputation and make your company more relatable.  When it comes to web design in Orlando, you'll want to stay true to your brand and provide realistic expectations of what customers can expect from you.  Using realistic images with people is just another way to do so.

Add Color

Establish a clear color scheme for your website, and stick to it throughout all of your pages.  When you have a clear brand built around your business, people will become more familiar with your values, mission, and brand.  This will help to increase brand recognition, which will work wonders for your marketing tactics.  Also, when you add color to your website, you provide visually appealing elements that your users can enjoy when they are browsing.  

Establish Clear Navigation

When your website is confusing, people will leave.  It's truly as simple as that.  As you work on your web design in Orlando, make sure that your navigation is clear.  Establish a set menu that is easy to find, either at the top of the site or along the left or right side.  You should also be able to clearly locate your contact information and home page, as these are two important features that users should be able to quickly find.

Avoid Long Paragraphs

Long paragraphs can actually deter customers from reading all of the information on your site.  When people see a large, bulky paragraph, they will need to strain their eyes and truly focus on the material they are reading.   Not many people will actually continue reading.  Instead, break up your paragraphs into sentences of two or three.  Use bulleted lists, separate information with bolded headlines, and break up the text with relatable images.  This will continue to keep your audience's attention as they are scrolling through to read the necessary information.

These are just a few tips that can help your website flourish and grow your business.  When you devote your time to learning the ins and outs of your website, its optimization, and its user-friendly elements, you will notice that more customers will come knocking.  Trust our professionals in web design in Orlando to help you through any website issues.  Contact us to hear how we can help you with your business website today.

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