Five Ways to Improve the Design and Function of Your Website

Five Ways to Improve the Design and Function of Your Website

Web design is no easy task.  It requires awareness to search engine optimization, design elements to add style and appeal, and back-end operations to increase speed and function.  When you are designing your own website, you may feel like you are constantly learning new techniques, strategies, and information about web design in Orlando.  However, when you follow certain tips, you can learn how to make your website a success.  These are a few ways to improve the design and function of your website.

Create Fresh Content

Publishing fresh content is not only exciting for those visiting your site, but it is beneficial for your SEO as well.  When you publish ‘evergreen’ content, your users will enjoy seeing the fresh, relevant, and updated writing when they go to your site.  Search engines will also favor your website with relevant content, allowing it to show up higher in search results.

Use Attractive Images

The design of your website also matters, so you need to choose quality images that enhance the user experience.  This involves choosing relevant and attractive images.  If you are creating a business website, choose attractive branded images that portray the mission of your business.  When you upload these images, make sure they do not delay the speed of your site.

Choose a Responsive Design

Keep in mind that many people coming to your website will be using their mobile devices.  Be sure that your website will fully and quickly load on any type of device by using a responsive design.  If your site is not prepared for mobile devices, it will be difficult and slow to load each page, which will make people navigate off the site quickly.

Make Navigation Clear

When you create a website, take the time to play around with each page on your site.  Is it easy to get to?  Do you have trouble finding certain pages?  By testing out your navigation, you ensure that all the pages are easy to locate, and navigation is easy for everyone.  This ensures that users will be able to find what they are looking for on your site, which will keep them on here until they get what they need.

Update Your Site Regularly

Do not make the mistake of designing your website, launching it, and then forgetting about it.  By doing this, you neglect any necessary maintenance or updates that can increase traffic and create new content.  Be sure to take the time to check on your site and make any improvements to design and speed along the way.

These are a few tips to help improve the design and function of your website.  Whether you use your website to run your small business or you want to create a blog, you want your website design to be fully functional and attractive.  If you are having trouble with web design in Orlando, contact the experts at REK Marketing to hear how we can help you today.

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