Getting to know SEO

Getting to know SEO

Owning a business can be incredibly rewarding. You have the ability to make your own hours, you can be as creative as you want to with your business module, and your capacity to expand is limitless. As a business owner, the world is your oyster – as long as you make sure that you know how to manage all of the paperwork, get yourself out there, and build a name for yourself so that potential clients are aware of who to call when they need that particular service/that you exist.

As a business owner, I understand how frustrating the marketing aspect of the business can be, especially considering that we are in the middle of the technology age where everything that we could ever want information wise is out there, as long as you know how to access it. For those of us who either lived in small towns where word of mouth was the only way to get exposure, or business cards were still the most appropriate form of advertising, transferring to social media can be a frustrating transition, as it usually includes building websites (which might entail taking the time to study java script, html coding, or using a non-reputable sources of web designing to just get one going), graphic design for your templates (understanding vector imaging), making sure that your business is searchable amongst the flood of other businesses out there, which means understanding terminology like SEO (search engine optimization) so that your business doesn’t get lost in the slew of all of the other websites out there.

While the internet is a wonderful place to expand knowledge, and everything you want to know about anything is accessible with just the touch of a button, there is also so much information on the web that it can be hard to know what is legitimate vs who is just trying to weasel you out of your resources; Artificial intelligence, scammers, get rich quick schemes, and those who are simply looking to entice their viewers to look at their website without regard to how many ads clutter up their screen (if they are even ads at all, instead of spyware). This can be both time consuming, and overwhelming. Graphic design companies can be expensive, and many SEO services claim to help you optimize your search engine but actually create potential red flags as they flood your website with advertisements, or unrecognizable content.

So, if social media is the number one marketing tool to reach clients in this new generation, how does one even get SEO when there are so many other services out there flooding the market?

  1. Become knowledgeable on the topic of how to get your business to the top of the search engine list. IE: Research all of the web marketing terminology and tips from other users out there (things like: claiming (and completing) your Google My business profile, writing longer/relatable posts, producing fresh content, using keywords, optimizing your title/headings, optimizing your URLs, hunting for back links, etc.)  That is, if you even have the time to do the research while managing your business.
    • Researching which sources for this are reputable, and why.
  2. Hire an expert who has taken the time to do the research, like REK marketing and design (a reputable SEO company in Orlando), to do it for you.

REK marketing and design, rated top 3 web agencies in Orlando for 2021, is known for it’s affordable, knowledgeable, reliable, and experienced SEO services, blog services, and web design services – taking all of the complication out of the equation, so that you can simply focus on your product/business.

REK marketing and design offers free web page analysis to ensure that your website is working properly, which enhance exposure, and reduces red flags to your business. Win! Also, as blogging has become more popular as a venue to create relatable content, offers blog writing services by experienced writers, who are going to help you get the content you want out there, without having to do all of the work/thinking/editing and etc.

Delegating is important for task/business management – it eliminates the sensation of being overwhelmed, and creates an environment that promotes creativity. By delegating the website management portion to REK marketing, you can optimize your creativity, and focus on what you love to do, not what you have to do - because often times less, is more.

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