Understanding SEO Concepts and Usage

Understanding SEO Concepts and Usage

Running a successful business today almost exclusively requires some level of expansion into the digital world. It is nearly impossible for a business to survive without a robust online presence and social media following. Most companies today pay more attention to their online stores than their physical ones. It has become common to encounter stores with a substantial virtual presence, while their physical counterparts consist of nothing more than warehouses to store their goods. This move toward a strong internet presence means businesses are now reserving more money to market their products and services online. A prevalent and effective digital marketing strategy for these businesses is executing a successful SEO campaign.

SEO basics

SEO is a long-term commitment and is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to any business website on the internet. In the past, SEO tactics were often stuffing keywords into the content. Today it is vital to be aware of specific keywords to include in your content to get website pages ranking in SERP. Adding the proper keywords into the content ensures that a website is visible to people looking for the services and products that a business offers.

Successful use of SEO requires a business to define and be visible to a particular target audience, have a well-researched and robust process for quantifying data, and adjust to changing campaign metrics. It also requires a strong understanding of goals for SEO implementation, including intended targets for rankings, sales, or leads. Visit rekmarketing.com to consult on SEO in Orlando when your business prefers to leave the SEO to the experts.

Keyword Research

Businesses can use an organic search of primary keywords or use online tools that can be very helpful in revealing the proper keywords suited to their marketing campaigns. The most successful would be to use both of these methods in the keyword search. Organic research can present community-level understanding, while tools will give a business comprehensive and tactical data of current keyword engagement.

Content creation

Content creation paired with well-researched keywords allows a search engine to “know” what keywords are associated with a business. Content creation is putting the keywords into website content creatively to manipulate advanced search engine algorithms and improve internet search rankings based on a user’s internet search request. Search engines use these algorithms to understand a website’s content and offer consumers valuable pages to the search request made.

Using consistent keywords, offering content that is valuable to a consumer interested in the keywords used, adding internal links, and using appropriate and visually pleasing images can help draw attention to content. In addition, when used appropriately, external linking to authority pages can also improve SEO rankings.

Tracking milestones

Auditing is an essential tactic in learning if a URL, Website structure, and an XML sitemap are optimal for SEO by gauging the readiness and compatibility of a website to SEO metrics. Data analytics are vital to a successful SEO campaign, and consistency in analyzing the data will recognize any issues before they become difficult to manage. Studying the campaign regularly gives valuable guidance in keeping a campaign on track toward successfully achieving set goals. Analytics can come directly from the search engine or through the assistance of companies that specialize in these reports. It is important to remember that results will take a long time to see in an SEO campaign, so it is crucial to have accurate data to quantify results. REK Marketing and Design is a trusted source for professional services and SEO in Orlando when proven results are what you desire.


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