Eight Tips to Boost SEO and Secure Higher Rankings

Eight Tips to Boost SEO and Secure Higher Rankings

Are you tired of being buried on the last few pages of your search queries when you look for your business? Search engine optimization is not only important for ranking on search engines, but it is essential for exposure to your online target audience. When you optimize your business website with SEO in mind, you can boost your visibility and online presence, making it much more likely that your customers can find you. When it comes to SEO in Orlando, we know best. Our company creates, designs, and writes websites from the ground up to ensure that you have the visibility and appeal you need to keep traffic coming back. These are a few pro tips to boost your SEO and start ranking higher in searches.

Use Keywords Correctly

Most likely, you have already heard that keywords can get you ranking on Google for certain search queries. When you use keywords correctly, you can boost those rankings even higher. As a rule of thumb, your keywords should appear:

  • In the page title tag
  • In the first 100 words of text
  • In the URL

Before you choose keywords that pertain to your specific business, products, or services, you should do some keyword research. This research will tell you what Google is looking at from those in your industry so that you can rank among your competitors.

Increase Your Bounce Rates

Keeping people on your website longer can also increase your SEO score and allow you to rank higher. The amount of time users spend on your website is called your bounce rate. The higher your bounce rate, the longer they are staying on your site. To increase their time spent on your site, you want to make an attractive, clean, and simple website. Make it easy for them to navigate to different pages within your site, so they will stay here longer. Not only will the bounce rates have a positive effect on your SEO score, but they will also create more intrigue and loyalty over time. These can also positively affect your conversion score.

Study Your Industry

Take time to research the industry statistics and standards. When you incorporate this information into your website, you can also use backlinks. Backlinking to reputable websites is beneficial to boost your SEO score and read favorably to search engines. This information can also be valuable when you are trying to attract customers and sell them on your products or services. By referencing studies in your industry, you can encourage social sharing, which can help to drive more traffic.

Update Old Posts

As a general rule of thumb, you should never leave outdated information on your website. By going through old blog posts and website pages, you can update content that is no longer relevant. Refreshing your site with new titles, descriptions, keywords, and current trends can also help you drive more traffic from organic searches. Although this may be a time-consuming process, it is helpful in cleaning up your site and making every page count.

Check Your Loading Speed

Google will penalize websites that take a long time to load – on both computer screens and smartphones. When you do not check the speeds of your site, you may suffer from a low SEO score without even knowing it. Before you launch your site, make sure that it runs smoothly. Check all videos and graphics to ensure they work quickly and do not buffer. If you notice anything buffering or taking a long time to fully load, you may want to reconsider using those images or videos.

Check Your Insights

There are many free resources that web developers should be using to check the insights of their website. For example, you can know exactly how many people go to your site, where they are coming from, what they are searching to get there, and much more. When you have this information, you can then tailor your website to meet the demands of your target audience – which has been revealed to you from these insights. Start with Google Search Console. You can run reports that tell you exactly what keywords you are ranking for, and this information can then be implemented into your web copy.

Improve Your Click-Through Rate

You Click-Through Rate (CTR) indicates how often people actually click on your website pages. When you improve these rates, Google will recognize your site as a popular choice for your users, which will boost your rankings. To improve your CTR, make sure that you include valuable information in your title tags. Consider the titles of your blog posts and web pages, as these are the first things people see when they search. When these are attractive, informative, and insightful, people will be more likely to click-through to your site.

Add Text to Visual Website Components

Your website likely incorporates many visuals, graphics, charts, or videos to captivate your users and keep them scrolling longer. Visuals make your site attractive, which increases your bounce rates. However, when you add text to these visual components, you can also enrich the experience and drive even more traffic to your site. Consider including keywords or backlinks in these areas so that you can hide SEO-boosting practices in the back-end of your site. For example, you can title your graphics with relevant keywords that will not be visible to web users but can be detected by search engines. These simple tricks are great for boosting your visibility.

By following these tips, you can start to rank higher in search results when customers are looking for your products or services. When done right, online exposure can boost your business by driving more traffic and creating more intrigue with your target customers. If you are looking for help with your SEO in Orlando, you will want to look no further than the experts at REK Marketing.

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