Essential Questions Your Web Design Company Should Ask.

Essential Questions Your Web Design Company Should Ask.

Congratulations! You have decided to hire a web design company to build a new business website. This is an exciting time for any business owner but can also be tricky. You want your web development company to take the time to understand your business goals and audience so they can produce a website for you that is beautiful and user-friendly. Experts offer these crucial questions that web design companies should ask every client:

Can you describe your business in a few short sentences?

When a web design company asks this question, they expect you to give them your best elevator pitch. Even when your business appears completely obvious, web designers should not assume anything. When you describe your business to a company that handles web development in Orlando, you give them the essence of the foundation they will use to keep things engaging for users who land on your new website. Web design companies who ask about your values, level of industry experience, vision for the future, background, location, and size will be most successful in designing your website.

Do you have a website currently? If so, what is or isn't working for you?

Unless this is your first business website, your current website is an excellent source of important information. Web design companies who spend time reviewing your existing website can better explore your likes and dislikes and learn from any mistakes made when designing it.

What are your project goals?

A web design company must know what you need out of your website to design one that is effective for your needs. They should want to know things like your definition of success and whether you are looking to increase the number of users who visit your website. The web design company that is curious about things you want to improve and problems you are trying to solve shows you that they are interested in creating a website solution that will fit your needs.

Who is the audience you are targeting?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and design is subjective. A web design company should be aware that a business website is not strictly for the business itself. It is crucial that the site strongly resonates with your target audience and current users. They should look deeply into your psychographics and demographics, like your user’s lifestyle choices, slang words, and media consumption habits. The more a web design company knows about end-users, the better. They can determine your business website's navigation, layout, and appearance.

What specific website features do you need?

The best web design companies will be curious about the types of functions you need to have on your website. These features include contact forms, video integration, a separate responsive or mobile site, photo galleries, website chats, social media integration, or blogs. Website design companies should establish these needs initially to avoid having to add things late in the process that could cost you money and time to add to your site. Your web developer should also be curious about whether you have any style guides or branding materials that they should incorporate into your website.

How can failure be avoided?

The web design company should care about what you don't like too. It is time-consuming, expensive, and annoying to make a web design company remove integrated features from a website in the middle of a project. Instead, they should ask about your least favorite websites and have you point out any styles, features, and design elements that you would hate having on your site.

Who are your primary competitors?

Your primary competitors provide a web design company with a valuable information source. They can gather vital information to guide website design through researching your competitors. They should explore competitor sites and see what is working well for them and what is falling apart. Their intention shouldn't be to copy. What's on a competitor's website, but learn from the failures and successes available on the site. Your preferences are easily indicated by asking you to point out what you like and don't like on a rival website.

What sets you apart from your competitors?

A design company should always want to know any of your unique selling points to assist in designing a website that sets you apart from your competition. These elements do not have to be significant and can be excellent customer service or free consultations. However, anything that helps your business stand out, like free delivery, impressive return and guarantee processes, or better quality, cheaper products, can help with site development. Web design companies should be interested in how you are different from your competition and develop a site that highlights your uniqueness.

What is your project scope?

Finally, a web design company should know the scope of your website project. They should seek to clearly understand your final deadline and any milestones you want them to meet during the process. This is crucial for the web design company to keep your project on track and ensure they live up to your expectations. They should also ask about your budget and whether there is flexibility in budget and timeline for the project. They should also seek to clarify who they should contact during the project and who provides your web content to establish clear communication lines for the services.

These are some of the critical questions that should be asked by companies providing web development in Orlando. Contact us today for more information on the services we provide. We have the experience and expertise to build your business website and provide SEO marketing that will keep your company growing for years to come.

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