Fourteen Reasons to Love SEO

Fourteen Reasons to Love SEO

Fourteen Reasons to Love SEO

Whether you're a new graduate, looking for a career transformation, or just interested in what SEO professionals do every day, here are a few good reasons to get excited about a career in SEO in Orlando.

It's the most significant driver of website traffic

Google is definitely the main traffic driver for many sites. Of course, there are anomalies. Some businesses are built through social media. But most merchants and service providers use search engines to appear in front of the right individuals at the right time. As an SEO professional, you are the largest cog in the digital marketing engine. Go you!

It's the broadest field of marketing

SEO is as broad a subject as it gets. A handful of significant disciplines within SEO include tech, outreach, insight, account management, and content. Each requires diverse skill sets, from literacy and computer sciences to multimedia, communications, and creativity. As a result, there is much to learn and discover, making a career in SEO challenging, rewarding, exciting, and engaging.

It's as niche as you need it to be

While SEO can be expansive, the field is vast enough for individuals to specialize in a selected area. Whether in-house or agency, SEO squads will comprise specialists including tech minds, innovative writers, analytical types, strategic scholars, and excellent communicators. A Digital PR Executive can sit beside a Web Developer, working towards the same objective but in entirely different manners and with diverse skills.

There is always something to do

SEO is often a job well done but never a done job. Getting a website up to a high standard is challenging and can require years of work. Even if a site performs well, there is still more to be accomplished. Whether it's guaranteeing sites stay aligned with Google's algorithm updates, expanding the keyword collections to target, continuing to create links and drive rankings, or ongoing performance analysis and insight. SEO is a lasting investment.

Touches on all other channels

There's no such item as an SEO silo. As an eclectic channel, it builds bridges across companies, from PR teams, products and services, commercial strategists, social media crews, and coders to decision-makers. You may even find yourself working with HR to optimize their employment listings! You can find SEO at the heart of any large company. It's that significant.


There is little quite as satisfying as solving a problem, especially in the world of SEO. To decipher problems, you need to perform expert, conduct detailed investigations and deploy educated guesses. However, getting it right and witnessing a shift in performance is extremely rewarding.

Accessible to everyone – no qualifications required

It doesn't hurt to have a degree in communications, IT, web development, marketing, business, or whatever, but it's not necessary to work in SEO. Because the field is as expansive as described, there is something for anybody. To get your foot in the door, show some savvy and interest, and to improve, listen, learn, test, and learn again.

Professionals in the industry constantly share and support each other in trying to outsmart the powers that be (Google), so it's easy to pick up tricks and visions. As SEO evolves, evolve along with it or ahead of it.

Robust career development

Once you're in, you're in. You can concentrate on a favorite topic like influencer marketing, coding, analytics, or strategy. Alternatively, learn everything you can and extend your knowledge into other regions of SEO, evolving as a jack of all trades and master of some. Ultimately, growing into a leadership role.

Going past that, why not pursue paid ads, display and affiliate marketing, content marketing, and so on. In less than 10 years, you may well find yourself the Head of Digital in a flourishing company. Or begin your own consulting firm. The possibilities are pretty limitless.

Fantastic community

To many, SEO is more than a job. It's a community. Some might even go as far as to define it as a life choice! The industry prospers on community knowledge, conventions, networking, and competition. It's pretty sporting, frankly.

It's creative

If you enjoy creativity, there's an abundance of it in SEO, especially in Digital PR & Content Marketing. You must generate ideas that will gain attention from some of the most discerning audiences – the press! Exemplary ideas are difficult to come by, and there's always space for innovative people on SEO teams.

It's complex and challenging

Google's algorithm is extensively elaborate. It is assumed that no single person at Google can comprehensively manage and design each element. The job doesn't come with a manual, so SEO professionals must figure it out to earn high ranks, which poses substantial challenges. All in all, there's never a boring moment.

It's precious

The founding tenet of SEO for commercial growth is that a company materializes in search results when somebody is looking for answers and solutions. For example, if a user searches for "pizza near me." Companies who appear in Google results and obtain the sale, but if you don't appear, you miss out. The result is that SEO can make or break a company.

On a larger scale, there are billions of Google searches daily. Take "affordable laptops" as an example. This phrase gets almost 50,000 monthly inquiries in the UK alone. That's only one keyword!

SEO is serious business.

You can do it remotely

All you need is a laptop or tablet and an internet connection. Then, you can function flexibly from home, take your office to a local coffee shop, or optimize your client's sites while relaxing on the beach in Florida. Of course, this depends on your position and status, but it's a prospect nonetheless.

You can support family and friends

You likely have friends and family with their own businesses or projects that could profit from your expertise. So, help them out and optimize their sites. You'll feel fantastic and have a positive impact on their successes. They may even put you on the payroll if you can show progress and room for growth.

If you're considering a career in SEO in Orlando or want to learn more about SEO for your business, don't hesitate to contact us for more details.