Why Web Design is Critical for Your Company

Why Web Design is Critical for Your Company

When redesigning or creating a website for your company, you may ask yourself why web design matters. The truth is that website development and design is about far more than just looking great. It is one of the most critical factors contributing to whether your user has a good or shoddy experience when browsing your site, directly impacting your brand's prevailing impression. Here, our experts will discuss why you should invest in a superb web design in Orlando and how it can continue to benefit your company for years in the future.

Why web design matters

It is not an exaggeration to say that web design can make or break your company. If you do not believe this, statistics will say it all. For example, 75% of users admit that they make immediate conclusions on a business's credibility based on the structure of their website. In addition, there are various benefits to having a beautifully elegant and smoothly navigable website, here are just a few:

  • Gives users a great first impression
  • Helps with search engine ranking
  •  Makes your business approachable and believable
  • Helps cultivate leads and convert sales
  • Helps you surpass rivals
  • Gives character to your brand

3 Elements of a great website

A successful website is attentive to various elements that reflect in its rewards. Whether that's page views, sales, or leads, conveying your web design right can help you attain your objectives no matter what metric you concentrate on. The following are the most consequential principles of web design to be observant of:

UI / UX and website layout

Your page layout and design do not only need to look good, but they should also serve a purpose. For example, 77% of agencies acknowledge that impaired user experience is a client weakness. So, even when companies get graphic features, like fonts and colors accurate, they may eradicate all their hard work with poor user experiences. A great website is one that users can navigate efficiently and find any details they are searching for. If a site looks overwhelming or takes too long to load, they will close your site's tab.

Responsive mobile website design

Statistics verify that 85% of people think a site should look as good on their phone as their desktop. Consider what this means for your website design. It is essential to ensure that your display adjusts to the pixel width of any device you are viewing from, whether an IPad, smartphone, or desktop. Always ensure that your site is responsive for mobile before you go live.

Quality content

Using exceedingly large images on a site is one of the biggest mistakes that a company makes. Images that are too large result in painfully slow loading images and websites that take far too long to open. Research shows that nearly 40% of users will stop looking at your site if images take long periods to load or won't load at all. Even when you use images the right way, it is also essential to consider adding video elements. Studies show that consumers are ten times as likely to interact with video than images, so you should take advantage of this.

People also do not pay enough attention to copy on their website. It will not impress users when you have jargon littered, carelessly composed copy. Instead, it will bore them. Therefore, it is crucial to make copy part of your website design. Use snappy headlines, subheadings, and short paragraphs that get directly to the point. Remember that users tend to scan instead of reading in detail, so be sure that something in the copy will capture their attention.

Because we specialize in web design in Orlando, we know how to fix crises when clients sabotage their credibility, suffer sales losses, have poor search engine results, negative reviews, and more by having poor web design performance. However, we acknowledge that a business can still turn around its reputation, and it is never too late for a new start.

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