Why Your Website Needs an SSL Certificate

Why Your Website Needs an SSL Certificate

What is an SSL Certificate?

An SSL certificate is a digital security protocol used to protect the transmission of data between a web server and a browser. It encrypts all communication between the two parties so that other third parties, such as hackers or criminals, cannot access the data. This encryption helps ensure that any sensitive information on your website remains secure.

How do I Get an SSL Certificate?

The easiest way to get an SSL certificate for your website is to purchase one from a trusted provider. Your hosting company may also provide you with an SSL certificate if you choose to host your site with them. Once you have purchased or obtained an SSL certificate, it must be installed on your web server in order for it to work properly.

Once you have successfully installed your certificate, visitors will see a green lock icon in their browser’s address bar when they visit your site. This indicates that the connection between their computer and yours is secure and encrypted. Additionally, some browsers will display a warning message if visitors try to access an unsecured website—making having an SSL certificate even more important if you want customers to trust your website and complete transactions without hesitation.

Why Do I Need One?

SSL certificates are essential for any website owner who wants their customers’ data to remain safe and secure while browsing their site—especially those who handle financial information or private customer records. Without one, there’s no guarantee that any communication between the web server and browser can be trusted, which means customers may not feel confident entering their information into forms or making online purchases on your site. Additionally, Google now gives websites with valid SSL certificates higher rankings in its search engine results pages than those without them—helping improve visibility for sites with valid certificates even further!


In conclusion, having a valid SSL certificate on your website isn’t just important—it’s essential if you want customers to trust your business when they make online purchases or enter sensitive information into forms on your site. A valid SSL certificate provides encryption of all communication between the web server and browser so that third parties cannot access any sensitive information entered into forms or stored in databases on the site. By obtaining a valid SSL certificate from a trusted provider or hosting company today, you can help ensure that all transactions made on your website are safe and secure for years to come!

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